What's your name?

That's a nice name.

Let me see where you are.

Yes  No

Wow, stinger. I'll just take your IP address instead...

Sweet - nice place. I know we'll get along.

Looks like an ok day out.

Yes  No

Ok niceties over. Why don't you tell me a secret?

Yes  No

I'll make it worth your while...

Come on, you don't get something for nothing...

Yes  No

I'm all ears... and maybe a little mouthy. Don't worry, I'll keep your name out of it.

Yes  No

70 chars max.

Thanks. Go on in...

Fine. You're a tough nugget. Go on in...


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07.08.15 – 01.11.15

SECRET: Nothing to see here

SECRET is a free exhibition exploring the future of surveillance, espionage and privacy.

From government surveillance to Hollywood spoilers, everyone has a secret. How do scientists, hackers, spies, journalists, psychologists, criminals, companies and governments approach this new world of secrets? From Easter eggs to cryptocurrencies, puzzles to politics, SECRET asks what needs to be be revealed, and what should remain hidden.

You think you're the only one with secrets?

Blinking LED

Your secret is safe
  • I feel alone.


  • I have a terrible fear of cotton balls


  • I have yesterday's socks on


  • I'd like to have an affair.


  • I have a fear of train tracks


  • I have a 6th toe on my left foot


  • I've really had enough of the people I work with today


  • I hid a message to whoever'd find it under a loose hostel floorboard.


  • I wet myself in mass when I was an altar server


  • I stole an avocado from supervalu


  • I still love my ex.


  • I'm 37 and still sleep with a teddy.


  • I'm scared i haven't really experienced my youth


  • I like to eat toilet paper when I poop


  • I secretly drank my house mates milk


  • I like wearing pandas costumes


  • I'm afraid of clowns....and escalators


  • I'm not wearing any clothes


  • I'm a guy and I like the colour pink.


  • I killed someone


  • I am going to cheat on my next term paper.


  • i can see and communicate with "others" from different dimensions


  • Wasps are actually extraterrestrial spies


  • Sometimes I fancy other people


  • I enjoy the music of Britney Spears


  • I dislike my brother in law intensely.


  • I lied to save my brother.


  • I love my kids even when they are bold


  • I dont shower as much as I should...


  • I've buried a treasure in Stephen's Green.


  • I'm always stressed


  • I love the royals


  • Ive never done a first aid course!


  • I´m 30 and I´m afraid of darkness.


  • I'm not listening at all in this lecture


  • Destroying the happiness of others is, at times, very satisfying.


  • my cousin pooed in his back garden


  • I'm secretly shy but publicly gregarious


  • I've just been invited to have a threesome with a couple I don't know.


  • I kissed a man that has a fiancé


  • I once pooped in a plastic bag in lack of a loo...


  • I have burned down a movie theatre.


  • i lost a lottery ticket worth 10000


  • I was in love and only he knew.


  • I'm scared of the future


  • I want to find love


  • I once broke onto a coach and stole a Buzz Lightyear action figure


  • i had many affairs with married men or guys with girlfriends


  • I'm going to great lenghts to get my ex boyfriend back


  • My favourite hobby is eating nutella from the jar


With all of us


Ian Brunswick

Ian Brunswick

Interim Director and Programme Manager at Science Gallery Dublin

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Tad Hirsh

Tad Hirsch

Creator of TxtMob and former Senior Research Scientist and Manager at Intel Labs

Julian Oliver

Julian Oliver

Artist and Critical Engineer

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Marie Redmond

Marie Redmond

Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin

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** SGD DOS @ 2015 Version 1.0 **

System RAM 648 KBytes OK

Directory of C:\



ONBOARD : cameras 01 / 02 / 2a / 07 / 12 / 13

ONBOARD : Personal information

Starting SG-DOS...

Do you want to play eye spy?

PRESS <Y/N>...

<Y>  <N>

You are always being watched
Inner eye

Boooo, you're no fun!