2015 at Science Gallery

13.02.15 – 12.04.15


LIFELOGGING will combine laboratory and exhibition, where visitors will be ‘tooled up’ to explore one of the remaining frontiers of data science: themselves. A future of sensors, recordings, reflections, and analysis – how will we choose to use the quantifiable self, and how will we record and analyse the unquantifiable? Exploring the cutting edge of data analysis and visualisation, the exhibition will be curated by Nicholas Felton, author of The Feltron Report and Linda Doyle, Director of CTVR, Trinity College Dublin.

01.05.15 – 16.07.15


What is HOME? An instantly recognisable word that means something different to everyone. How will the future of technology and design, communities, families, resources, and nations change the nature of what we define as ‘home’? Is it a uniquely human construct, a right, a state of mind, or a place? From migration to innovation, and from a constitutional right of ‘home’ to the future of homes beyond Earth, we will search for home in an open-call exhibition curated by Dublin City Architect Ali Grehan, Professor Anna Davies, and author Anne Enright.

07.08.15 – 01.11.15


SECRET is an international exhibition and events programme at Science Gallery Dublin that will explore the social and technological aspects of secrecy, particularly the future of surveillance, espionage and privacy. Why do humans like to keep and reveal secrets and why are we attracted to mysteries and puzzles? When are secrets a good thing and who has the right to keep them? How do emerging technologies protect or undermine privacy? What secrets should never be revealed and where is more transparency needed? Curated by Marie Redmond, Course Director MPhil Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship, Trinity College Dublin. SECRET will be seeking proposals for exhibits in early 2015.

20.11.15 – 07.02.16


A sudden, violent, stressful and disturbing event, often a physical injury, trauma can be short-lived or long-lasting with impacts that range from deeply personal to universal. In this open-call exhibition curated by Shane O’Mara of the Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin, and Daniel Glaser, Director of Science Gallery London at King’s College London, visitors will experience a range of works by artists, scientists and designers that connect with the emotional upheaval of trauma on a physical, biological and psychological level. Then we’ll explore the post-traumatic flipside of healing physiologically, emotionally and socially.  Our Open Call for proposals for TRAUMA will take place in May/June 2015.