10.02.17 - 21.05.17


In an automated world, is it nearly time to put humans out to pasture? Does the future resemble a leisure-time utopia or a robot-tended human-zoo? Will the notion of work become a thing of the past if machines really can do everything better, faster and for longer?

HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY will interrogate the supposedly seismic changes that artificial intelligence (AI) is foisting on society. The exhibition will include current demonstrations of AI capability and creativity, plus art and design speculations on a post-work world, and will ask how economists, sociologists and educators are (or are not) preparing us for a world where intelligent machines surpass us in nearly every skill our labour market values.


09.06.17 - 24.09.17


What do e-waste, 3D printers and piccolos have in common? What happens when DIY engineering dabbles with dubstep? Can we invent the instruments that will open up unheard sounds and be used in the music of tomorrow?

At SOUND CHECK, everyone can make music. Visitors will become performers alongside hackers, designers and scientists who invent new instruments and are passionate about exploring new sounds and scores.  

There’ll be workshops on instrument building and digital improvisations, and opportunities to explore the outer edge of tomorrow’s sound. Noisy boxes will become musical and visitors will become virtuosos. Make your own music, join the band, or listen to a tune unlike any you’ve ever heard.


13.10.17 - 04.02.18


What’s the difference between a collapse, a downfall, and a downright apocalypse? How will it all end, and why do we love to wonder? Ice or fire, zombies or bombs, out with a bang or a whimper? What fascinates us about societies, ecosystems, and economies crashing?

In this exhibition, we will explore why the catastrophic can be devilishly entertaining, and whether there’s any truth in these dismal predictions. Join doomers, designers, dreamers and doctors as they lay out the top ways the world might end, how likely they are, and what we can (hopefully) do about it.