Science Gallery Dublin


"It may have 'science' in the title, but each exhibition at the gallery proves it to be the most creative, innovative and artistic venue in Ireland." — The Irish Times

Science Gallery Dublin is a world first — a venue where today's white-hot scientific issues are thrashed out and you can have your say. A place where science and art collide. Since opening in 2008, nearly 3 million of you have visited us in Dublin — ranking us amongst the top ten free cultural attractions in Ireland. We're all about opening science up to passionate debate and want your opinion.

How do you want art and science to develop? What direction should it go in? Let us know what you think - get in touch!

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Unlike most galleries, we don't have a permanent collection. This means that there is always something new to see, but it also means that between exhibitions (which can be a gap of up to three weeks), only our shop and café remain open. So if you are planning to visit an exhibition, to avoid disappointment, make sure to check our website for exhibition dates before travelling to Science Gallery. And remember, the exhibition is always closed on Mondays. To stay in the loop, subscribe for email updates on our homepage.


Our programming is primarily through an open call process. You can see details of all open calls across the network here. We promote these throughout the year via call outs in our newsletter, on our website and through our social media channels. you can sign up to receive the open call information directly. Occassionally, we engage with work from people who contact us directly. You can email our programming team via


In 2008, a car park in a forgotten corner of Dublin was transformed into a living experiment that would bridge art and science, unleashing their combined creative potential. Through a cutting-edge programme that ignites creativity and discovery where science and art collide, Science Gallery Dublin encourages young people to learn through their interests. Since opening in 2008, over 2.5 million visitors to the gallery have experienced more than 38 unique exhibitions — ranging from living art experiments to materials science and from the future of the human race to the future of play. Science Gallery Dublin develops an ever-changing programme of exhibitions and events fuelled by the expertise of scientists, researchers, students, artists, designers, inventors, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. The focus is on providing programmes and experiences that allow visitors to participate and facilitate social connections, always providing an element of surprise. Science Gallery Dublin is kindly supported by our Lead Partner - Wellcome Trust and by Science Circle members - Deloitte, ESB, Google, ICON, NTR Foundation, and Pfizer. Science Gallery Dublin receives support from Programme partner's Bank of Ireland, Intel Ireland and the Ireland Funds. It also receives government support from the Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht and Science Foundation Ireland, and from the European Seventh Framework Programme. Science Gallery Dublin’s media partner is The Irish Times. For more information visit:

Inspired by the model pioneered at Trinity College Dublin, Science Gallery International is an independent non-profit leading the creation of the world’s first university-linked network dedicated to public engagement with science and art. The galleries, pop-up programmes and touring exhibitions of the Global Science Gallery Network are founded on the belief that young people hold the creative potential to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. The Network has already reached millions of 15-25 year olds worldwide. In addition to Science Gallery Dublin, galleries and programmes are currently in development at King’s College London, University of Melbourne and the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, with expansion into North and Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia planned by 2020. Science Gallery International has toured exhibitions to twelve cities on three continents, with exhibitions set to travel to Miami, New Jersey, Portland, Stockholm and Singapore in 2017. To learn more about Science Gallery International and the Global Science Gallery Network, visit


Trinity College Dublin is recognised internationally as Ireland’s leading university. The university offers world-class teaching and scholarship in all major academic disciplines across the arts, humanities, engineering, science, social and health sciences.  More than 17,000 students benefit from an education that is inspired by current research and taught by academics at the frontiers of their disciplines. A Trinity education encourages the development of critical skills and is adaptive to the needs of current and future students and graduates.