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  • 24.10.1423.01.15



    Our human preoccupation with blood runs deep, and as a species we’ve had plenty of time to prod and poke, paint and proselytise about blood. So what remains? What mystery persists about blood, and how does this exhibition probe it? Why are we still interested in blood?

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  • 18.07.1405.10.14



    We are obsessed with the weather. It is a powerful, shared daily experience, offering us an immediate talking point with which to engage our fellow citizens. Yet when we talk about climate change the sense of guilt or powerlessness is enough to kill the conversation. By engaging both weather and climate in a playful, provocative way, we hope to leapfrog over current polarised public debates.

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  • 16.05.1429.06.14

    Fat Lab


    Has fat got a reputation it doesn't deserve? Do you sit, slouch or sleep more than you stand stroll or sprint? Do you have to be thin to be fit? What are the fads and myths of fat? From health and survival to vanity and gossip -- it's time to embrace this delicious molecule that is essential to life yet a contributing factor to so many deaths.

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  • 02.02.1427.04.14



    The goal of FAIL BETTER was to open up a public conversation about failure, particularly the instructive role of failure, as it relates to very different areas of human endeavour. Rather than simply celebrating failure, which can come at great human, environmental and economic cost, we want to open up a debate on the role of failure in stimulating creativity: in learning, in science, engineering and design.

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  • 25.10.1319.01.14

    Grow Your Own

    Life After Nature

    GROW YOUR OWN… is a new exhibition created by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin that invites you to consider some of the potentially ground-breaking applications and uncertain implications of synthetic life. Tackling the provocative questions that designing life raises, GROW YOUR OWN... gives you the opportunity to help shape future discussions around synthetic biology - an emerging approach to genetic engineering, bringing together engineers, scientists, designers, artists and biohackers to design ‘living machines’. 

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  • 11.07.1329.09.13


    Nothing As It Seems

    Should you always believe what you see right in front of you? Can you really trust your senses? Has technology made things clearer or has it muddied the waters between reality and fiction? And is anything really as it seems?

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  • 02.05.1306.06.13


    Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Why does the house always win? Is it better to do business with a bookie or a banker? How healthy is it to have a ‘healthy’ appetite for risk? As part of Science Gallery’s ‘LAB IN THE GALLERY’ series, RISK LAB examines the psychology and mathematics underpinning the risks that surround every aspect of our lives, and our ability to assess and understand those risks. From bad driving to the lotto, from real estate to smoking, humans find it tricky to evaluate risk. How do emotions, scenarios, or media skew our assessment of the odds? Is it possible to recalibrate our perceptions of risk?

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  • 08.02.1314.04.13


    Everything in Motion

    What oscillates? From swinging pendulums to throbbing beats and harmonics, Oscillations are repetitive variations from one state to another that occur usually over time. Found in human-made systems and in physical, biological, and informational processes, they can arise, either by design or by accident. Sometimes they’re a critical component, essential to the correct function of a system, other times they might be a curiosity or a nuisance, or even a catastrophic force.

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  • 15.11.1220.01.13


    The Future of Play

    A free exhibition featuring everything from work by world-renowned game designers such as Eric Zimmerman and architect Nathalie Pozzi to hacks on old favourites like Lunar Trails by Seb Lee-Delisle. GAME offers you the chance to get directly involved in the world's most compelling game play.

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  • 15.09.1214.10.12

    Magical Materials

    Unleash Your Superpower

    What makes a material magical? An ability to change shape before your eyes, to turn from a liquid to a solid or to be one of the lightest materials on earth and yet also one of the strongest? MAGICAL MATERIALS explores the properties of some of the world’s most mysterious materials, giving you an opportunity to investigate and experiment at the cutting edge of material science.

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