BTYS and why you really need to come here!

We've had great interest in our experiments, Homemade Lava Lamp and Psychedelic Milk! We have our next demonstration at 3pm at the Irish Times stand, so make sure to check it out. And be on the lookout for people wandering around the RDS with our Lava Lamps! We'll be wandering around the stands ourselves. Keep an eye out for our signature Q&A or ?&! Tshirts. There are so many interesting projects that we've seen so far (we still have many to look at!). Some of the ones that caught our attention include: Roy Hughes from Gonzaga College at Stand 3112, has prototyped a Cycle Helmet with built in control indicators. Really awesome idea and brilliantly executed! Erin and Co. from Cork at Stand 1534, were analyzing the effects of single as opposed to multiple sensory stimulations in dogs in training. Go talk to them to find out how to make your dog sit and roll over! James Eggers from St. Michael's College Dublin at Stand 3202 has written an amazing piece of software that uses Twitter to assess the mood of the people in each county in Ireland. Go see how happy your county is with respect to another. Truly fascinating! The Mediator Crew @ BTYS 2011

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