TEDx Dublin videos now online


Last month, at a sold-out TEDxDublin, five people took to the Science Gallery stage to entertain and inspire us with ideas worth spreading. In four very different talks, we heard about everything from glow-in-the-dark zebrafish to youth computer clubs. Just in case you didn't catch the event, we've uploaded a video of each of the four talks to the official TEDx channel. Check them out below... 


James Whelton: An Explosive Start
Entrepreneur, Developer and Social Media Connoisseur, James Whelton lives and breathes for technology, business and problem solving. James co-founded Coder Dojo, a global network of free computer clubs for young people, with Bill Liao. Here, he talks about all the things he's learned as a young entrepreneur. 

Cat Kramer & Zack Denfeld: Genomic Gastronomy
Cat and Zack run the Center for Genomic Gastronomy, an independent research center that explores, examines and cooks with the genomes and biotechnologies of the human food system. Cat and Zack will are curating Science Gallery's Spring 2012 show EDIBLE and talk here about five unusual ingredients from their recent research.


Keyun Ruan: Cloud Forensics
Born in Shangai, and currently a PhD student at UCD, Keyun’s research area is a relatively green but rapidly emerging area called Cloud Forensics. Here, she talks about Cloud Crime, Cloud Security, Cloud Computing, Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime Investigation and asks how we might carry out digital investigation in the Cloud Computing environments.


John Delaney: Submarine Vulcanism On Earth & Beyond
John Delaney is Professor of Oceanography and holds the Jerome M. Paros Endowed Chair in Sensor Networks at the University of Washington. Since 1997, he has directed development of the regional cabled ocean observatory in the northeast Pacific Ocean that evolved into the Regional Scale Nodes program. Here, he tells us about the incredible world of underwater volcanoes.

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