To Russia with GAME

GAME: THE FUTURE OF PLAY, one of our most visited exhibitions to date, launches tonight in Moscow at the ZIL Palace of Culture. Presented by the Moscow Polytechnical Museum, GAME features work by world-renowned game designers, artists and developer, exploring the future of play on every level. Taking a closer look at games and gaming, GAME explores everything from intriguing emergent interfaces to the components of a great game.

Hard at work in historic (and very warm!) Moscow city, our touring team have been busy readying the exhibition for tonight's launch for the past two weeks. 86kgs of LED lighting, twenty-five computers, five games consoles, four Arduinos, three tablets, two soft toys-cum-games consoles and one Game Boy were just a few of the items that made the 2792.41km journey.

Read on we give you a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes when we build an exhibition.

14 flights cases, 5 pallets of equipment and 3 exhibition crates filled the shipping container for the journey to Moscow.

Unpacking an exhibition creates a huge mess – early days in the ZIL Palace of Culture

It's all about the art! Delicate construction takes place in every corner of the gallery

Hundreds of plugs and cables provide the light, sound and data to each of the installations – taking six people almost two weeks just to plug in the show!

Green shapes start to fill the gallery

Repong is taking shape at last! Into the second week and GAME is starting to look like its old self.

How Repong looked in Dublin – getting close!

How the two soft toys-cum-games-consoles spent their time in Dublin, we hope Moscow is taking good care of them!

For media people, you can download a PDF of Moscow Polytechnic Musuem's press release here.

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