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How do you think the world might end? Solar flares, climate catastrophe or geomagnetic storms? Or will political and financial collapse or antibiotic resistance finally finish us off?

To mark our new free exhibition IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, we're hosting a six-week night course with leading experts joining us to discuss how the world might end, and how we could survive the collapse of civilisation. You can book one night class for €6 (includes €1 booking fee), or get one free when booking a bundle of four for €16. Our bundle deal also includes a limited edition tote bag, print, and you can enjoy a drink on us at the night course finale.

You can click the links below to book your course — or e-mail us at for more details. 

25.10.17 — OFF THE GRID ARMAGEDDON with Linda Doyle, communications expert and director of CONNECT.

01.11.17 — CLIMATE CATASTROPHE with Trinity College Dublin geomorphologist Mary Bourke.

08.11.17 — APOCALYPTIC ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE with immunologist Luke O’Neill.  

15.11.17 — GEOMAGNETIC DESTRUCTION with solar physicist Sophie Murray.

07.12.17 — POLITICAL NUCLEAR MELTDOWN with Ben Tonra, international relations expert.