Map Your Fears: A crowd-sourced catastrophic risk chart

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, our free exhibition exploring why the disastrous can be devilishly entertaining, is heading into its final days. Before it closes to the public on 11th February, we wanted to share the results of one of its most popular exhibits — an interactive chalkboard where visitors can map their fears. 

This catastrophic risk chart, adapted from the work of Nick Bostrom, founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford, invites visitors to place post-it notes of risks or fears on a scale looking at scope (from personal to transgenerational) and intensity (from imperceptible to terminal). 

The answers ranged from the local...

To global fears.

We even found some perfect matches made among the Post-Its.

And of course, a few very common fears made their way onto the wall, too.  

You can add your own fears to our crowd-sourced risk chart before the exhibition closes next week on 11th February. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY is open 12-8 Tuesday to Friday, and 12-6 at weekends. You can read more about the exhibition here

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