Open Call for commissioned artworks

Science Gallery Dublin is excited to announce that in addition to our general open call for IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, and with the support of Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme, the Health Research Board (HRB) and the NTR Foundation, we are seeking to commission up to four artworks to be exhibited at Science Gallery Dublin for the duration of the exhibition, from 13th October 2017 to 2nd February 2018.  Applicants can be artists, designers, performers, or other creative practitioners and should propose an exhibit or experience to be part of the IN CASE OF EMERGENCY exhibition, which will be visited by over 100,000 people.

We are seeking proposals for original exhibits or pieces that build on an applicant’s previous work and connect in some way with one or more of these topics:

  • Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  • Geosciences
  • Medical Devices
  • Future Communication Networks

These topics are currently being researched at one of four collaborating Irish research institutes: AMBER, ICRAG, CÚRAM, and CONNECT.

Successful applicants will articulate why and how they would benefit from collaborating with one of the four participating research institutes. Awards up to €6,000 in funding will be offered, plus mentoring, consultancy and advice from expert scientists, and insider access to data and/or research labs where possible. This is a unique opportunity for the successful applicants to get an inside glimpse into cutting-edge science and receive input that can inform the development of their artwork/exhibit for the IN CASE OF EMERGENCY exhibition.

Applicants must complete the work in time for the launch of IN CASE OF EMERGENCY on 12th October.

Application process

To apply, please send a proposal as a .pdf file that is no more than four pages, and no larger than 15 MB. Please send your proposal to help@dublin.sciencegallery.com with the subject line ICOE COMMISSION by the 13th of June, 2017.

Your application can contain images, and should contains the following elements:

Project description

Provide a brief description of your project, and explain how it relates to the theme of IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Remember to outline any unusual technical or physical requirements. It is essential to explain how an average visitor will experience your project. Specify what they will see, hear and do.

Thematic connection

Please outline which field your project relates to — Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Geosciences, Medical Devices, or Future Communication Networks. Please also note how you would benefit from the chance to collaborate with AMBER, CURAM, ICRAG or CONNECT.


Please outline your proposed budget, up to a maximum of €6,000.

Any other information

For example, a brief biography and/or an example of a single previous work or prototype by the applicant that could be built on or expanded for this commision (if relevant).

If you’re unsure about an aspect of your proposal, please get in touch with us on email at help@dublin.sciencegallery.com.

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