BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition: Day 1 (Part 1)

Science Gallery are visiting the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition for the fourth year! Now in its 49th year the exhibition is bigger and better than ever!

Main Hall

Trying to make our way around to visit projects is a challenge as the main hall is teeming with students of all ages.

A look back at 2012: our busiest year to date

With just two days left before we close for 2012, we have just passed our 300,000th visitor this year - thank you so much to everyone for visiting, engaging with our exhibitions, taking part in our events and workshops, inspiring us, spreading the word and becoming part of our community this year!

Digital Biscuit Filmmaking Competition: Free Your Creativity

Digital Biscuit is calling on film enthusiasts to engage with technology to create a short film on the theme 'Love and Technology'.