New Science Gallery Dublin show OPEN LABS is part exhibition, part experiment – showcasing DIY culture across design, research, technology and activism.


In INTIMACY we explored close relationships between friends, family and partners, but we also looked at moments of closeness between strangers, and tried to create some of them in the gallery with an experimental exhibition model. As part of this public engagement model, we had a programme of mediator-led events for the first time, which were programmed, hosted, facilitated and performed by Science Gallery Dublin mediators, the staff who normally work on the floor in our exhibitions. The events took place in our FOR PLAY gallery space.

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Tender for Science Gallery Dublin Cafe

Science Gallery Dublin at Trinity College welcomes tender proposals for the operation of its Café and Catering Concession.  

Since its opening, Science Gallery has had more than three million visitors exploring nearly 50 unique exhibitions, ranging from design and violence to light and love, and from contagion and biomimicry to the futures of the human species and play. The gallery is one of Ireland’s top-10 most visited free attractions, welcoming an average of 400,000 visitors per year.

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