Why do humans strive for perfection?

A wave of new science and technology allows us to modify, hack and transform our lives into our own personal perfection. By holding up a mirror to our own ideals, Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin’s upcoming exhibition, PERFECTION reflects ever-changing ideas of scientific precision, body augmentation and perfect imperfection.

With growing cultural pressures to look and live in an ideal way, is striving for perfection a positive goal? Or is imperfection what sustains life and creates diversity and difference?  

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Activism plays a fundamental role in creating awareness around, and subsequently combating social injustice and has been instrumental in the abolishment of slavery, promoting women’s rights and gender equality, unionising and fighting worker exploitation, protesting wars and empires, protecting the planet, ameliorating archaic legislation, campaigning for better solutions to homelessness, challenging various dictatorships over the course of history, opposing racism, and many more salient issues.

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