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Guest blog: Transition Year Mentorship Week at Science Gallery Dublin

Always wanted to know what a Transition Year Mentorship Week involves at Science Gallery Dublin? We asked last week's Transition Year students to write us a guest blog detailing their experiences...

Applications now open for spring Transition Year Mentoring Weeks

Applications are now open for our spring 2019 TY Mentorship Weeks: students should click here to fill in the application form. These applications will close on 14th November 2018.

The limits of human existence within extreme environments

In this essay for our free exhibition LIFE AT THE EDGES, Melodie Yashar, designer, co-founder and member of SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture) talks about humanity's obsession with pioneering and developing new extremes.

LIFE AT THE EDGES probes the imagination to consider the limits of human existence within extreme environments — life that is enabled and mediated by technologies and designs, forging new relationships with surrounding ecologies.