Curated by Jens Hauser, Shaun McCann, Luke O'Neill, Clemens Ruthner and Lynn Scarff.

  • Blood
    Lynn Scarff / Ian Brunswick
    Director, Science Gallery Dublin, and BLOOD Curator / Programme Manager, Science Gallery Dublin

    BLOOD took us by surprise. In developing this exhibition, we’ve been amazed by the diversity of ways that blood can captivate. From artists to surgeons, designers to scientists — in any two contexts blood has an entirely different meaning...

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  • The Blood of Healing
    Luke O'Neill
    Immunologist, Academic Director of Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Chair of Biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin, and BLOOD Curator

    To an immunologist blood is everything. Even James Joyce knew about the immune system when on the opening page of Ulysses Buck Mulligan mocked the turning of wine into blood saying...

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  • Blood Matters
    Shaun McCann
    Professor Emeritus of Haematology and Academic Medicine at St James’ Hospital and Trinity College Dublin and BLOOD Curator

    Blood is essential for life but it is surrounded by many strange beliefs. This exhibition will take you on a journey from the depths of history and will explore the many aspects of blood...

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  • Blood Sucks
    Clemens Ruthner
    Professor of German and European Studies, Director of Research at the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies at Trinity College Dublin, and BLOOD Curator

    “[The vampire] has a body and it is his own body. He is neither dead nor alive; but living in death. He is an abnormality; the androgyne in the phantom world...

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