Aorta Flow

Guillermo Fernández, Mariano Barbero & Prepedigno Martín (ES)
Sensorial exhibit, 2014

Aorta Flow is a mechanical exhibit that emulates the ‘kick’ of the aorta artery, the heart’s muscular pumping chamber. The heart is a pressure pump, rather than a flow pump. It works to push oxygenated blood out of the heart and around the body through the circulatory system. Although the heart does not move much blood per beat, it works very effectively within the human circulatory system.

Aorta Flow shows the power of this pump. Visitors can feel the blood pressure and flow through the aorta by gripping the aortic arch simulator, which uses a pressurised valve system of high mechanical impedance to reproduce the actions of a real aorta.

About the artist: 

Guillermo Fernández specialises in the development of interactive exhibits that probe scientific concepts. Aorta Flow presents an impressive tactile experience enabling visitors to ‘clasp’ the human aorta and feel how the heart works.