Dual Blood Collecting Device

Adrián Cuervo (ES)
Object, 2014

Dual Blood Collecting Device is a speculative work that recalls past times, when blood was deeply related to the instruments used to collect it. From medical hardware to sci-fi imagery, from the cabinet of medical curiosities to steampunk and fictional worlds, this uncommon object is on the fringe between the possible and the ominously real.

The piece incorporates a pumping mechanism that must be activated by hand, and a pair of needles that seem to allow the operator to obtain bottled blood. Where are the needles placed? Is this device intended for use on humans or animals? Perhaps both?

“There are many questions to answer. Who created it, and what is or was its purpose? Was it ever used? We don’t know. All we know is that it arrived into our hands a few months ago, having been bought in an antique shop. No more information was available — unknown owner, unknown seller, unknown date of origin. The meaning of its being is quite mysterious.” — Adrián Cuervo

About the artist: 

Adrián Cuervo’s work focuses on new media, audiovisual and sound art. He creates objects that reflect on the capitalist consumer society, philosophy, and perceptions of reality. Dual Blood Collecting Device was developed as a risky bet, not designed to be exhibited, but for his own personal art collection. Inspired by the word “blood”, Adrián let his imagination work its magic and Dual Blood Collecting Device was the result. He emphasises that it is a work that is “Art just for fun. Or, in other words, from an art fan, for art fans.”