Franko B (UK)
Painting, 2010/2011

Lover is a triptych the artist decided to create in the aftermath of a lifesaving organ transplant operation performed on his partner in 2010/2011. The canvasses are specifically stitched in red Egyptian cotton.

About the artist: 

Franko B comes from a visual art background and has been creating work spanning painting, performance, sculpture, photography, video and multimedia since the early 1990s. Professor of Sculpture at Academia di Belle Arti di Macerata, Italy, he has lectured and exhibited widely at The Royal College of Art, London; Academia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan; Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford; St Martins College of Art, London; Chelsea College of Art, London; New York University, Tate Modern and ICA. In his early career he was globally best known for his bloodbased performances, but in 2006 he reached a turning point and decided to discontinue this line of work. These works, while visceral, were powerful performances for both artist and audience exploring universal themes, reminding us that we are all vulnerable and that we all bleed. Lover was produced in the aftermath of major surgery on his partner.