Artist: Sean McDonald, supported by the Moog Foundation [USA]

Bob Moog's Glasses (now called "The Theremin Inspector"),  was an interactive art exhibit installed at BIORHYTHM in Summer 2010.  Using a theremin --  an electronic instrument you play by moving your hands through open space rather than touching controls -- the exhibit highlighted how the human body can interact with electromagnetic energy to make music. is an imaginative artistic rendering of how the human body interacts with the theremin to make music.


The key feature of the exhibit was a "mixed reality" video system that showed the performer live in real time, with a data visualization effect that showed an imaginative rendering of the cloud of electromagnetic energy around the instrument.  While the exhibit did not show the actual electromagnetic fields, it did help people to visualize that they are interacting with electromagnetic energy and inspired people to think about the vast amounts of reality that they interact with while not having any sensory perception of it.


Thanks to the The Bob Moog Foundation, the artists were able to to arrange for the display of a piece of Bob Moog's Archives as a separate, companion exhibit.  The piece was the Eaton-Moog Multi-touch Keyboard prototype.


The name Bob Moog as used in "Bob Moog's Glasses" is licensed from the Bob Moog Estate and used under the express permission of Dr. Ileana Grams-Moog."  The name "Bob Moog's Glasses" is used with the permission and license of the Bob Moog Estate (Ileana Grams-Moog) for this exhibit only, in homage to a great inventor, and with the understanding that the program is not portrayed as a scientific depiction of the fields around a theremin.