Every day, air pollution contributes to at least 19,000 deaths on a global scale. What is causing these harmful pollutants and how can we as individuals try our best to avoid them or even better - eradicate them completely?  

The Science Gallery Dublin BOOK CLUB will return in March 2020, with a deep dive into Clearing the Air: the Beginning and the End of Air Pollution by Tim Smedley. Shortlisted for the Royal Society Science Book Prize 2019, this book communicates theories from leading scientists, politicians and activists using accessible and relatable insights. 

Smedley instantly demonstrates his passion for fighting the fight against air pollution, inspired by the birth of his first child "But now, with an infant to protect - I started to notice the visceral throb of traffic in central London; the brown tinge to the sky even on cloudless days; the blackened nostrils after commuting on the tub". The book then delves into the nitty-gritty particles of the problem using on-the-ground examples from cities most affected by air pollution.

Tim Smedley is an award-winning sustainability journalist, author and ghostwriter who relocated from London to Oxfordshire to flee from the detrimental effects of urbanised air pollution. Rather than solely demonstrating the causes of air pollution and the havoc they play, Smedley prescribes detailed solutions to encourage people to take action.

Tune into the Book Club from the comfort of your own homes by accessing the Heliosphere live-stream. The Heliosphere is an all-inclusive science communication concept with the purpose of including the wider public in scientific debates. It is based on two main components: a 360-degree live-feed camera that allows the online audience to follow the debate and an AI-empowered speech to text analysis of the debate to provide an overview of the main topics and sentiment within a debate. 

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