Science Gallery Dublin are launching a new book club designed to facilitate dialogue and debate around influential and thought-provoking texts.

Each quarter, we’ll select a book that piques our interest; spanning across art, humanities, science, and technology. For the first SOLD OUT Book Club, we're reading Humanology: A Scientist's Guide to our Amazing Existence by Ireland’s very own Luke O’Neill. It looks at life on Earth and how we as humans fit into its extraordinarily long and complex history. Humanology attempts to explain nearly every aspect of the human experience by delving into a host of fascinating topics. Luke O’Neill is one of Ireland’s most esteemed and exciting scientists, a Professor of Biochemistry in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin and one of the most highly-ranked immunologists in the world. 

Tune into the Book Club from the comfort of your own homes by accessing the Heliosphere live-stream. The Heliosphere is an all-inclusive science communication concept with the purpose of including the wider public in scientific debates. It is based on two main components: a 360-degree live-feed camera that allows the online audience to follow the debate and an AI-empowered speech to text analysis of the debate to provide an overview of the main topics and sentiment within a debate. 

Click here to learn more about the series, nominate a book for the second club or avail of a 10% discount in the Science Gallery Shop. 

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