Shirts that send hugs from a loved one, spray-on dresses and semi-living clothes. This is not a scene from a science fiction movie, but from the new exhibition TechnoThreads.

TechnoThreads is all about the creative sparks that fly when the worlds of fashion and science collide. The exhibition, running from 26th April – 25th July 2008, offers viewers a glimpse into the future of fashion in a world where Biotech and Nanotech are combined with traditional craft and Haute Couture skills.

The exhibition is split into three areas:

  • Conceptual Couture concentrates on the use of science by fashion designers at a conceptual level. This will range from garments using the simplest of mathematical forms to the use of fabrics with a raised surface based on Braile and semi-living garments using biotechnology.
  • The Aesthetics of Science will look at fashion that demonstrates the impact of science as aesthetic. This will include Space, Cyborgs and Camouflage.
  • Fabric Laboratory looks at the very latest in advanced textiles. Though predominately garments, some fabric lengths will also be shown in this area. Exhibits will include a spray on dress, garments made using three dimensional fabrics and one made using a three dimensional printing process

With work from designers such as Walter van Beirendonck, Yoshiki Hishinuma and Freedom of Creation, it promises to show off the most innovative, cutting edge and exciting designers the world has to offer as well as raising issues for global debate, such as the use of tissue culture to produce semi-living clothes.

There’ll be opportunities for you to get your hands on textiles and other materials not traditionally associated with clothing, to participate in experiments to perhaps make a new outfit or create a T-shirt and meet some of the most innovative Irish creators working within the field of creative textiles and technology. Check out these events

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