Christine Wertheim (Australia/CA), Margaret Wertheim (Australia/CA), Sarah Simons (CA), Evelyn Hardin (TX), Anna Mayer (CA), Helen Bernasconi (Australia), Marianne Midelburg (Australia), Barbara Wertheim (Australia), Helle Jorgensen (Australia), Ildiko Szabo (England), Heather McCarren (CA), Dr Axt (VT), Nancy Lewis (VT), Anitra Menning (CA), Shari Porter (CA), Vonda N. McIntyre (WA), Sue Von Ohlsen (PA), Rebecca Peapples (MI), Clare O’Callaghan (CA), Eleanor Kent (CA), Kathleen Greco (PA), Aviva Alter (IL), Nadia Severns (NY), Arlene Mintzer (NY), Jill Schrier (NY), Pamela Stiles (NY), Anita Bruce (UK), Mieko Fukuhara (Japan), with Ann Wertheim, Elizabeth Wertheim, Quoin, Allie Gerlach, Spring Pace, David Orozco, Karen Frazer, Karen Page, Lynn Latta, Diana Simons, Catherine Chandler, Sally Giles, Pate Conaway, Kristine Brandel, Cindy Bennish, Dagmar Frinta, Barbara Van Elsen, Njoya Angrum, Lily M. Chin, Siew Chu Kerk, Jessica Stapp, Kat Ramsland, Barbara Wakesfield, Amber Reyes, Barbara Robinson, Shirley Waxman, Ranu Mukherjee’s class at CCA, Katy Bevan, Rosy Sykes, Beverly Griffiths, Jane Canby, Jennifer White, Sharon Menges, Linda Shirey, Ellen Davis, Tane Clark, Nancy Yahrous.


Core Reef Assistant Curator: Anna Mayer.


The Latvian Reef was coordinated by Tija Viksna of Gallery Consentio in Riga.

The Latvian Schools Reef was co-led by Tija and Laila Strada of the Children’s Art School in Mazsalaca.


The Irish Reef was coordinated by Irene Lundgaard and Orla Breslin with contributions from Felt Makers Ireland.


All photos © The Institute For Figuring.

By Alyssa Gorelick, with Francine McDougall, Vincent Dachy, Margaret Wertheim, Christine Wertheim and Anna Mayer. Doillie images by Sarah Simons. “Reefer Madness” photo by Dr Axt.


Text by Margaret Wertheim.


The Crochet Reef Project has been generously assisted by grants from the Annenberg Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Norton Family Foundation. With special thanks to Ren Weschler. When not crocheting corals, Christine Wertheim writes poetry and criticism and teaches in the School of Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts. Margaret Wertheim is a science journalist and communicator who writes books on the cultural history of physics. The Institute For Figuring is an organisation the sisters founded to enhance the public understanding of the poetic and aesthetic dimensions of science and mathematics. The IFF is based in Los Angeles and has a permanent address on the complex plane. For more information see