Design and Violence



Everyday spike risk

Tall fences have long been a way to keep unwanted people out. The palisade fence goes one step further, because each pole holding up the fence is spiked, effectively creating a wall of stakes. Try to climb over this fence and you could end up seriously injured or even impaled.

The palisade design was originally developed in Scotland by William Bain 150 years ago as the Lochrin Fence. The design gets its strength from the profile of the fence poles - 2 or 3mm thick flat steel would otherwise be too flexible.

According to Irish Fencing Services, who started producing palisade fencing in Dublin in 1975, the design’s initial success was due to its utilisation by Dublin City Council for fencing the sites of tenements demolished in Dublin’s inner city. It replaced the chain link fencing more commonly used at the time. Palisade fencing became the most widely used security fence in Ireland.

Image courtesy of GR8DAN (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons