Artificial intelligence is more than just a technology. Beyond the algorithms, AI drives services that are rapidly changing our work and personal lives.

Cognitive agents will continue to evolve from concierge to colleague and possibly even to companion. Invisible infrastructures are mediating our digital experiences through recommendation engines and decision support systems. Creativity is being augmented with AI across diverse fields from product design to drug discovery, and journalism to fine art. The aim of this series to bring together designers, developers, and anyone interested in the design of human interaction with Artificial Intelligence.

Accenture will host Connor Upton and Gene Kogan at the Paccar Theatre on November 18th, 2019. Connor will be sharing work from Fjord and Accenture the Dock in his talk – Designed Intelligence and Gene will provide a perspective on Collective Intelligence and the state of machine learning in support of creative outputs.


Connor Upton

Group Design Director, Fjord Dublin

As Group Design Director of Fjord at the Dock, Connor is responsible for design craft across the studio. Based in Accenture’s Global Innovation Hub in Dublin, he leads the evolution of design practices to embrace data, algorithms and systems thinking. Connor applies human centric approaches to the design of complex work environments and has published and spoken widely on this topic. His projects cover multiple domains including public safety, manufacturing and sustainability. He is keenly interested in how interactive visualizations can support collaboration between human and artificial intelligence.

Gene Kogan,

Artist, Teacher, Programmer

Gene Kogan is an artist and programmer exploring autonomous systems, collective intelligence, generative art, and computer science. He is interested in advancing scientific literacy through creativity and play, and building educational spaces which are as open and accessible as possible. His work is all free & open-source, and he records many of lectures and tutorials for free distribution. Currently, he is leading an open project to create an autonomous artificial artist and compiling a free educational toolkit on machine learning for art.

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