Which is worse: dripping hydrogenated fats or pest infestations? Why do we classify certain foodstuffs as ‘clean’ while others are considered ‘dirty’? What are the ramifications of these views on our culinary landscapes, society and environment?

Over the course of several exhibitions, Science Gallery Dublin has collaborated with artists, scientists, cooks, chefs and activists, to connect our audience with big ideas in art and science through food. This time, we invite you to pull up a seat to Dirty Dinner, our upcoming curated dinner in partnership with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI). 

Masterchef contestant and food designer, Clare Anne O'Keefe will devise a Dirty Dinner in collaboration with our very own Science Gallery Café.  The Dirty Dinner will explore emerging organic, ‘clean’ and ‘raw’ food cultures, and our relationship with the fresh, out-of-the-ground look and feel of our food - fusing a zeal for culinary culture with a science background.

If you are an attendee who would like to avail of ISL interpretation for this event, please contact events@dublin.sciencegallery.com.




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