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The recipe below includes three glorious varieties of beetroot: Boltardy, Cylindra and Chioggia. Unusually for beetroot, Chioggia doesn’t actually have purple flesh, but has concentric purple rings, each of which are said to come on with the full moon. _Although in winter there are supposedly very few seasonal vegetables a farm can produce, even with great limitation there can be variety. For example, beetroot can be stored through the winter and also be used to make baked beets, beetroot blush, beetroot mousse, beetroot vodka and fennel soup. _For all the convenience of modern supermarkets, they cannot come close to offering this spectrum of biodynamic ingredients in one place. For the community owned and operated biodynamic farm Cloughjordan Community Farm in North Tipperary, it’s simple as ABC: Apple, Beetroot and Carrot, in all their shapes and sizes.

6 medium sized beetroots [2 Boltardy, 3 Cylindra, 1 Chioggia]
6 medium sized carrots [3 each of Autumn King and Oxheart]
3 medium sized apples [Windfall] with a mixture of colours and tartness to taste [some green apple sharpness adds a tiny touch to counterbalance the sweetness]