Science Includes Me: TY Mentoring Week

Our TY mentoring weeks are  a fantastic way for our younger audience to connect with us. These are week-long programmes, which run in September/October/November of the school year, with 20 students from different schools nationwide participating in each week. Each programme is developed alongside the theme of our current exhibition with a range of leading scientists, engineers, artists and entrepreneurs, giving students the chance to participate in workshops and hands on experiments, lab visits and exhibition tours, presentations and talks, quizzes and more. Students also get the opportunity to develop project ideas for upcoming exhibitions, and events, mentored by the Science Gallery team and external experts in science, the arts, culture, design, business and innovation.

We are no longer accepting applications for TY mentoring weeks for school year 2016/17. If you have any future queries email

Science Includes Me is generously supported by Science Foundation Ireland and Science Gallery Dublin's educational partners Intel and form activites in FP7 European Project, RRI Tools.

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