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Bezaitis is Director of Intel's People and Practices Research Group. PAPR
explores fundamental paradigms and phenomena of everyday life in order to help
Intel think critically about how people, practices, and institutions

to technological innovation.


talk will discuss how social science and design capabilities can help shape new
innovation practices for technology R&D organizations. She will describe
Intel's investment in social science and design and how this investment
operates across business units and R&D. As context for her group's current
initiatives and agenda at Intel, she'll outline key forces shaping echnology
R&D practices and discuss the "user experience" compulsion of the
business world.


INNOVATION INTERFACE: Many of the world's leading technology companies and
science institutions have already discovered the way forward for innovation as
much to do with the intangibles of the human experience as it does with
algorithms, chips and design. Using both sociologists and anthropologists,
corporations are increasingly turning to designers ho combine the insights of
social scientists with scientific knowledge to transform creativity and
research nto innovation. Will emo-engineers and antrho-technologists be the
buzzwords of the twenty-first century? The INNOVATION INTERFACE series nvites
the public to join the debate and listen as this line-up of world leading
thinkers and practitioners discuss their international xperiences and practices
of innovation, design and social science.


the year, the INNOVATION INTERFACE series aims to gather academics, policy
makers, entrepreneurs and business people to kickstart the debate  between social science and innovation
and to forge alliances leading to action.

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