Electronics Workshop with Mitch Altman and Jimmie P Rodgers

The Robots.ie and Tog.ie present a Mitch Altman electronics workshop. Mitch is the brains behind Cornfield Electronics and one of the co-founders of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, and has taught thousands of people to solder travelling all around with his famous workshops and sharing his love of electronics.

If you have ever had any curiosity about making something with electronics, then please join us! Anyone and everyone can learn to make cool things- and it’s fun, and easy. You can learn to make something cool with electronics in one workshop, and take your cool project home with you.

Mitch Altman’s expert instruction is FREE, we only have to reimburse him for the materials we use (€20). There will be plenty of cool kits available to build (and take home), including:
·        TV-B-Gone (turn off TVs in public places!)

·        Brain Machine (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!)

·        LEDcube (cool cube of blinky lights!)

·        Mignonette Game (play fun games!)

·        Trippy RGB Waves (interactive colored blinky lights!)

·        MiniPOV (more cool blinky lights!)

·        MintyBoost (charge your USB enabled gadgets!)

·        and for the more advanced: Microcontroller programmers, Arduino clones and more.
This workshop is guaranteed to sell out super quick! You have been warned

  • Date: 
  • Time: 
  • Where: Studio 1
  • Price: €20 (covers materials and kits)

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