Irish Robotics Club: MAKE NIGHT

The idea of a “Make Night” is simple - come along to the Science Gallery and make ANYTHING you like, in the company of other “makers” doing the same. Share ideas, materials and tools. Show off you projects and from learn the experience of others. Drink Italian coffee and talk to friendly creative people. Engineers, artists, jam makers, glue and glitter experts all welcome. Pick a project, get your materials together and join in the fun.


It’s also going to be a Irish Robotics Club meeting. Testing for the Robot Challenge 2010 is in full swing, so watch out for rogue speedy robots at your feet! Hands-on robot building workshops, stop animation and Ireland’s top leading robotic minds have all featured in past meetings- so you never know what you’re going to get!

A little more about the club… was born fully grown to non-robotic parents. Doctors were baffled, society frowned upon it. Forced to leave home at a young age it walked the tubes of the internet doing monotonous odd jobs for hosting fees. Eventually settled down at a domain which it egomaniacally named after itself. It had one dream hardwired into its circuits, to provide a place where the people of Ireland could share their robotic ideas, learn to build robots of their own and be blissfully happy. Previously it wanted to become self-aware and rule the people of Ireland as their robotic overlord, but an accidental brush with a giant magnet removed such ideas.
Admission Free!
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  • Where: Studio 1
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