Mike Schroepfer, Facebook VP of Engineering talk

Culture of Innovation: Innovation is an elusive promise.  It's hard to achieve and even harder to sustain, especially as companies grow and expand.  Facebook has grown to become a global service used by over 500 million people.  Yet the company has stayed true to its start-up ethos, allowing the company to innovate faster even as its gotten bigger.  Please join Mike Schroepfer as he shares the company's innovation story.

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Mike Schroepfer is the Vice President of Engineering at Facebook. He is responsible for harnessing the organization’s culture of speed, creativity and exploration to build products, services and infrastructure that support the company’s users, developers and partners around the world.

Before coming to Facebook, Mike was the Vice President of Engineering at Mozilla Corporation where he led the global, collaborative, open and participatory product development process behind Mozilla’s popular software, including the Firefox web browser.

Mike was formerly a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems where he was the Chief Technology Officer for the data center automation division (“N1”). He was also the founder, Chief Architect and Director of Engineering at CenterRun, which was acquired by Sun.

Mike worked with several startups at the outset of his career, including a digital effects software startup where he built software that has been used in several major motion pictures.

Mike holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University and has filed two U.S. patents.

This talk will take place at the Paccar theatre, Science Gallery, Pearse street, Trinity College Dublin.

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