Tom Banchoff - The Many Minds and Dimensions of Salvador Dali

What does it mean to see objects from a dimension higher than our own? Why did Salvador Dali contact a mathematician in 1975 to discuss the fourth dimension? Come see how mathematics and art let us peer into the other spatial dimensions.

Thomas Banchoff is an American mathematician at Brown University specializing in geometry. He is best known for his research in differential geometry in three and four dimensions and his efforts to develop methods of computer graphics in the early 1990s.

In 1975, he was contacted by Dali, who wanted to discuss how to "help people see things in new ways." The fateful conversation set off many meetings between mathematician and artist that would forever influence eachother's work.

Banchoff's talk will be followed by a free documentary screening of Dali and his inspiration drawn from mathematics and other dimensions.

Thomas Banchoff with Salvador Dali

(Thomas Banchoff with Salvador Dali)


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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
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