This month's talk: Tady Walsh - Let's get accessible!

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Web accessibility is a crucial component of how we construct our websites today, some with legal requirements to ensure our websites cater to clients of all abilities and disabilities. But how much do we actually know about web accessibility, it's implications and it's implementation? How much do we know about the accessibility of the latest technologies like HTML5 and WAI-ARIA? And can we use these now? Once you begin to think about web accessibility and accessibility in general, you start to see the world in a very different way.


In this talk, Tady Walsh, will take us through website accessibility, starting at the very beginning and will continue up to and including today's technologies. He will discuss, not only how to cater for the various types of disabilities our website visitors may have, but also the way we as developers and designers should be thinking about website accessibility, in every step of our work.


Tady is a project manager and information architect with Arekibo Communications. With a background in front-end development, he has been working and thinking about web site design and development for the past 15 years. He's a vocal supporter of cool design, good user experience and considerate development methods. His thoughts and opinions can be found on twitter as @tadywankenobi, on his website and also on Arekibo's blog.


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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
  • Price: Free! Pre-booking essential

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