Open Minds: James Boyle

A world leader in the area of intellectual property, and former chairman of Creative Commons, James Boyle has been a visionary figure, wisely predicting--before ‘Dot Com’ was a household phrase— the changes that mobile access, broadband, and social media would bring to the world of copyright.

As part of the Open Minds speaker series at Science Gallery, brought to you by McCann FitzGerald, and hosted by Pat Kenny, Professor Boyle will deliver a keynote entitled “Science 2.0:  What If the Web Really Worked for Science?

Speaking ahead of his keynote address at Science Gallery Professor Boyle said "The World Wide Web was invented for science.  It was invented to help spread scientific research, to connect researchers, to make information search and retrieval global and easy.  It has worked, to some extent.  But the irony today, is that it is easier to use the Web to search for shoes, books, or porn, than to use it for scientific research.  Scholarly articles reporting the results of publicly funded scientific research languish behind paywalls, protected by copyright and digital rights management.  Databases are incompatible, and their legal accessibility often unclear."

Following this keynote address the second part of the event will feature presentations by David Stopps, Director of Copyright and Related Rights for the Music Managers Forum UK and Ronan Loftus, co-founder of IdentiGEN Ltd, a leading provider of DNA-based solutions to the agri-food industry where they consider the impact of IP and copyright on their respective business areas. The session, moderated by RTE’s Pat Kenny, will discuss the role of IP in science culture and business.

Professor James Boyle is the William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law at Duke University. He writes for the Financial Times’ New Economy Policy Forum, has taught at American University, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and is the award-winning author of many books and essays.  He has been the Chairman of Creative Commons and is the co-founder of Science Commons,.

About Creative Commons and Science Commons:

Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that develops, supports and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximises digital creativity, sharing, and innovation. Science Commons applies the Creative Commons philosophy and methodology to the world of scientific research. 


Dr. Ronan Loftus is a co-founder of IdentiGEN Ltd. and oversees the company’s global commercialization and strategic development. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the agri-biotech sector and a track record in technology licensing, key account management and international business. Dr. Loftus received a BSc and Ph.D. in molecular genetics from Trinity College and an International Executive MBA from UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School.

David Stopps has spent his entire career in Music where he started out as a promoter for the famous Friars Club in 1969. While there he presented David Bowie, U2, Genesis, The Kinks, Blondie, The Police, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Jam, Kraftwerk, The Ramones and The Clash amongst many others. These days in addition to being Director of Copyright and Related Rights for the Music Managers Forum UK, he is a consultant and educator and has presented a series of international workshops across the world.


(Video from Boyle's "7 Ways to Ruin a Technological Revolution" talk at Google)

(Photo by Joi Ito on Flickr, some rights reserved)

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