Ignite Dublin 8.0

Ignite Dublin: the night of high-energy 5-minute talks, guaranteed to amaze, inspire, upheave and amuse.  

It's a cabaret of ideas you won't forget, with scientists, artists, designers, and much much more!


Mark Congiusta is a user design expert and Ignite regular.

Michael Madden who is an engineer and maker.

Declan Moore is an archaeologist with the Moore Group.

Kate Dempsey is a poet.

Loes van Mierlo is a photographer and life coach.

David Berman is a string theorist from Queen Mary University of London. 

Jane Ruffino is an archaeologist and writer.

Taiseiyo Taiko Ireland consisting of Jennifer Edmond, Leah McNulty and Fiona Murphy.

Jesse  Ronneau is a composer from NUI Maynooth.

Maria Daly is a science journalist.

Philip Nolan is president of NUI Maynooth.

Mary Mulvihill The night Dublin dissected an elephant.

Finn Delaney is an archaeologist from Galway.

David O’Callaghan who will talk about the AI box experiment.

David Malone who will measure the speed of light with a microwave.

Shirley Temple Bar of Shirley Temple Bar fame.

David McKeown of the Irish Robotics Club, an Ignite regular.


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  • Where: Studio 1
  • Price: €10

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