Symposium on Creative Technologies

Trinity's School of Computer Science & Statistics will hold this series of talks on visual computing, digital media processing and digital arts - technologies that underpin the creative and entertainment industries.

2pm – 2.15pm: Introduction and Welcome

2.15pm – 3pm: Bernd Bickel – Disney Research, Zurich – “Human Faces - From Reality to Reality”
Bernd Bickel will talk about recent research efforts at Disney Research in acquiring and modeling deformable materials, with a special focus on human faces. Furthermore, a data-driven process for designing and fabricating materials with desired deformation behavior using 3D printers will be presented, demonstrating Disney’s efforts to close the loop between the virtual and real world.

3pm-4:30pm: A showcase of Creative Technologies across Trinity College Dublin

Visual Computing – Graphics, Animation and Visualization. 
Recent research results from the GV2 group and collaborators

Digital Media – Media signal processing for 3D audio & video;  an introduction to challenges, solutions and applications. 
Advances in digital signal processing for audio and video that will enable personal immersion in virtual environments, from the Sigmedia Research Group

Digital Arts – exploring the emergent fields of creative art practice.
Digital arts panel with Researchers and Students from the Art Technology Research Laboratory

4.30pm – 5pm: Jason Tammemägi – Monster Animation – “The Changing Creative World: a view from the land of preschool TV”
Is it possible to get too deep into systems, processes, technology? What happens when those systems change or just are no longer needed? From the happy, playful, whimsical world of animated children's television, Jason Tammemägi explores our relationship with technology, taking a look at the processes involved in making a kid's show and pulling apart what is really important to the audience.

In cooperation with the Centre for Creative Technologies and Science Gallery

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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
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