IDEALAB: The Closing Ceremony

The IDEALAB closing ceremony celebrates the outcomes and ideas developed during the 10-day lab.

For 10 days from 14-23 June, we will take over a vacant shop, No. 4 Capel Street, and transform it into a pop-up workspace. During this period five teams will develop solutions in response to a call for solutions to current and future city needs ranging from open source transport systems, crowdsourcing public services, safety and wellbeing and deflection.

For the closing ceremony the five teams will present their solutions and the public and investors will vote and best idea will be announced. The event is open to the public with invited guests from industry, academia, cultural and public sectors. A summary documentary of the 10-day process will also be presented with a closing panel discussion on the future of social and public service innovation for the city.

The five IDEALAB teams are: 

  • City Race: A virtual social laboratory, where relationships between behaviour and environmental data are monitored.
  • Dublin Adventure Way: An urban assault course focused around vacant inner city spaces. 
  • Biofeedback Kit: A portable EEG device for reading user’s brain activity throughout the day.
  • Crime app: A smartphone app that allows people to easily report crimes to a central database.
  • Open Free Ad Hoc Telecommunications Infrastructure: A smartphone app that enables free phone-to-phone communication.


Platoniq - a non-profit organization made up of cultural producers and software developers - will be working with all five teams to develop these ideas.

  • Date: 
  • Time: 
  • Where: Paccar Theatre
  • Price: Free - registration essential

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