The Science of Discworld - with Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen [SOLD OUT]


Discworld consists of a large disc resting on the backs of four giant elephants which are in turn standing on the back of an enormous turtle... named Great A'Tuin.

How could that not inspire a book on science?

To celebrate the lesser known festival Ankh-Morpork* City of Science 2012, Science Gallery will host a very special event with the author of the iconic Discworld series, Terry Pratchett. Joining him will be the co-authors of The Science of Discworld series, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen. The Science of Discworld series spans three books so far, each incorporating fictional stories from Pratchett's Discworld universe - which has a very different set of natural rules than our own - with serious scientific discussion.

Join us for a rare opportunity to discuss the origins of the universe and the beginnings of life (as well as its inevitable evolution) - all from a Discworld perspective - with the creator of Discworld and the scientists who brought it closer it to our reality. There will be a panel discussion with the authors, followed by a Q&A session where you will get to ask them about the physics of Unseen University, the evolution of The Librarian, and how this satirical fantasy universe has inspired three books on science. 


  • Sir Terry Pratchett, OBE is a novelist, best known for the long-running Discworld series of comic fantasy novels. His latest Discworld book, Snuff is the third-fastest-selling novel since records began in the United Kingdom selling 55,000 copies in the first three days. He is also an adjunct Professor in the School of English at Trinity College Dublin
  • Ian Stewart is a professor of mathematics at the University of Warwick, England, and a writer of popular-science and science-fiction.
  • Jack Cohen is a reproductive biologist and also an author of popular-science and science-fiction books.

*The fictional Discworld city, home to everyone from werewolves to wizards, protected by the incomparable City Watch.

IMAGES: Paul Kidby

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