Fiscal Cycle: From Nanosecond Trading to Generational Oscillations with Constantin Gurdgiev - SFI Speaker Series

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 18:00 to 19:15
Free - prebooking essential
Paccar Theatre

What goes up must come down. Everything old is new again.  The sun also rises... but what about economies, markets, social change? 

TCD Lecturer Constantin Gurdgiev will explore Science Gallery's theme of OSCILLATOR from an economist's point of view, to highlight and analyse everything from cyclical nature of the financial markets, as evident in High-Frequency Nanosecond Trading data to multi-decade and even century-long economic and social cycles.

With the constant talk of booms and busts, are economies really just scale-differentiated oscillations? Are economic peaks and trough changing in time? Is 'revolutionary' change only a matter of temporary deviation from the 'norm'? 

More details TBA.

[Please note new time and date is March 26th @6pm]