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REFRESH DUBLIN is an event that promotes design, technology, usability and standards.

Refresh Dublin is a part of and inspired by the Refreshing Cities movement. The intent of Refresh Dublin is to provide a cross-discipline insight into all things design, interactive, creative and technical, so that different disciplines can learn from each other. Please contact one of the organisers if you want to speak.

This month's talk: Donovan Hutchinson - Introduction to Node.js

Server-side Javascript is a popular topic and Node.js provides a powerful way to build low level applications. In this talk, Donovan provides an overview of what Node.js is and when you might, or might not, want to use it. 
Donovan is a Dublin based front end web developer who has been building for the web for close to 15 years, during which time he has worked both on the server-side development as well as the front-end design of a wide range of projects.
Having cut his teeth building PHP and MySQL based websites, and managing Ubuntu server back-ends, Donovan spends more time nowadays working with front-end CSS, HTML and Javascript. Donovan also builds and runs several personal websites, including, and is employed as the Director of UX for mobile CRM company,
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