Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 18:30 to 20:00
Paccar Theatre

REFRESH DUBLIN is an event that promotes design, technology, usability and standards.

Refresh Dublin is a part of and inspired by the Refreshing Cities movement. The intent of Refresh Dublin is to provide a cross-discipline insight into all things design, interactive, creative and technical, so that different disciplines can learn from each other. Please contact one of the organisers if you want to speak.

This month's talk: Video & Motion Graphics in Digital Design

Video and motion graphics are powerful media that resonate with users, telling stories in ways that images and text cannot. In this talk, Owen Derby,creative director with iQ Content, looks at their changing role in digital design and how we can leverage the appropriate media to optimise online engagement. He’ll also show us how web content can elicit novel and immersive user experiences that significantly influence behaviour, when design and multimedia are fully integrated. 

About the speaker:

Owen Derby (Creactive Director iQ Content) is the head of the graphic design team  at iQ Content and is the creative inspiration that keeps the work fresh, strong and user-focused. His passion for design has taken shape over 11 years working in all areas of design from motion graphics to multimedia, digital publishing to advertising.

Best known for his design for Irish Feature Films: Neil Jordan's 'Ondine', Oscar award winning short film 'NEWBOY', Perrier’s Bounty, and performance graphics and music videos for international artists like U2, Florence & The Machine and Amy Winehouse as well as his work on TV shows like Primeval for iTV. As our Creative Director he brings his experience in storytelling from TV and film to our design process.