The X-Axis Factor: Physics vs Biology

'Physics has done more for biology than biology has done for biology' - that's the item up for debate as Science Gallery Leonardos Aoife McLysaght and Shane Bergin face-off at Science Gallery's first 'X-Axis Factor'.

Help us decide whether or not physicists have done more to further our understanding of biology than biologists have. We'll be using a real-time voting system to keep track of who is winning the argument, so we need you there to settle the argument once and for all!

About Shane Bergin: Shane is an Assistant Professor in Physics and CRANN at Trinity College Dublin. He’s a nano-scientist, a Science Gallery Leonardo, and the founder of DART of Physics. He's @shanedbergin on Twitter. 

About Aoife McLysaght: Aoife is a Professor of Genetics at Trinity College Dublin. Her research focuses on molecular evolution, and she is a regular on television and radio in the UK and Ireland. She's @aoifemcl on Twitter.

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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
  • Price: Free - please pre-book

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