Community Biolab: GROW YOUR OWN... INK - with La Paillasse [FULLY BOOKED]

Make your own biological ink using bioproduction from soil bacteria. During this workshop you will learn how to go from bacteria to real ink you can use in a pen. Be among the first people in the world to actually try to produce this ink outside of the team at La Paillasse. You will learn all the steps necessary, from the culturing of the bacteria, through the extraction and purification of the biological pigments to the discovery of the marvelous properties of this one-of-a-kind ink. 

Thomas Landrain is the co-founder and president of the nonprofit organization "La Paillasse" in Paris, a community lab that fosters open source biotechnologies. He is an active member of the Do-it-yourself Biology (DIYbio) community, organizing the launch of DIYbio Europe. He is currently finishing his Synthetic Biology PhD studies in Paris. Thomas will be joined by designer Marie-Sarah Adenis. Together they created the first blue ink that can be produced naturally using soil bacteria by anybody. Also helping to teach the workshop will be a dream team of french designers and biologists [Hellène Gaulier, Gwenolé Gasnier, Raphaël Pluvinage and Maxime Vergne] to produce and play with biological ink and teach you how to do it yourself at home! 

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  • Where: Science Gallery
  • Price: €3

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