What Makes A Change Lab Successful? A talk by John Thackara, hosted by TCD Computer Science

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 18:00 to 19:15
Free - please register
Studio 1

To effect system-level change in health, energy, food, or mobility, a first step is often to reframe the question. In health, for example, ninety-five percent of person-to-person care happens outside the bio-medical system - and how do you innovate there? In cities, too: smart systems are useful - but what makes cities truly smart are its citizens as they innovate new sharing platforms. Or think about mobility: the big changes under way concerns new social practices, not vehicles - and how do you innovate those?

A second requirement in system change is that a variety of experiments, changes, and disruptions are choreographed through time. Many of these a experiments are already happening: Grassroots innovation is emerging wherever people seek new ways to meet their daily life needs. So the question becomes: What are the best ways to support, connect and amplify these experiments?