Blood on the Streets

The story tells us Sweeney Todd bled his victims to death before dumping them out of his barbers chair into the basement. However, the barbers we're interested in didn't bleed to kill, but to heal. Blood on the Streets is series of public performance lectures that are situated within the window of a babershop.

For one day only, The Butcher Barbers will host jamie lewis hadley (the 'new' Sweeney Todd) and Dr Natasha Malik as they expose the history of bloodletting as a medical practice, tracing its roots in ancient medicine, the rise of the barber-surgeon and our current understanding of this incredible substance. Through a combination of live text, projected images and re-enactment, the key figures, instruments and (often unbelievable) techiques will be explored. The Butcher Barbers, an intimate but modern barbers located in an old alley, provides the perfect setting for this history to be discovered. They'll be no meat pies this time, but there will definitely be blood!

This performance lecture takes place at 7:30pm on the 25th October in The Butcher Barber, 12 St Johnson's Court, Dublin 2 (the laneway between Grafton Street and Clarendon Street). Please be aware this peformance lecture involves one packet of blood being extracted from jamie's arm. There is no need to book tickets, just arrive on the evening. 

The Blood on the Streets international tour arrives in Dublin in partnership with Science Gallery Dublin and Live Collision. Produced by Xavier de Sousa and Live Collision. 

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  • Price: Free - outside The Butcher Barber

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