Idea Translation Lab Class of 2015: Showcase

Is Irish craft beer really Irish? How far does our food fly before we eat it? Should Trinity College Dublin have a rooftop garden? How do you really feel about genetically modified organisms and pesticides?

For answers to these questions and unique insight into what Ireland's future farming landscape might look like from students who could shape it, Science Gallery welcomes you to join us for the final Idea Translation Lab Class of 2015 on April 1st. 

Five student projects will be presented with one team selected by a interdisciplinary judging panel to become student advisors for Science Gallery's flagship exhibition in 2016, FutureFarm. These projects are the outcomes of 12 weeks of ideation, co-creation and development from the 2015 class of Idea Translation Lab. 


Craft Grow Co.
To create a more self-suffcient and sustainable Irish craft beer market by setting up a craft branded Irish hop farm.
Team: Dan Finnamore, Eamonn Slattery and Iseult O'Donnell

GMOs in Your Home
Exhibition raising public consciousness on the use of GMOs in food production and food itself.
Team: Hayley Porter, Marcus West, Kanchan Parsad and Oisin Carey

Food For Thought 
A food memoir: from the cradle to the grave, and our part in its decay.
Team: Brona Haugh, Gabriela Melo, Jason Doran and Rob Keogh

Interactive web design and video games to provide an experiential medium to convey the necessity of biological pesticides.
Team: Cathal Meehan, Feargal Moore, Ronan Bryne and Manon Borgeot 

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Since 2011, Science Gallery Dublin has hosted an innovative interdisciplinary course called Idea Translation Lab, which runs during the Hilary Term in Trinity College Dublin. The course offers students from science, art and humanties a opportunity to collaborate and develop ideas outside of their disciplinary boundaries focused and the potential to showcase their work on an international stage. Initially developed as part of Science Gallery’s, EC FP7 project, Studiolab, with links to the ArtScience Prize and programmes developed by Prof David Edwards at Harvard University and Le Laboratoire, Paris, The Idea Translation Lab in 2015 was generously supported by The NTR Foundation. 

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