Future Homes: Architecture for Society [Booked Out]

How can architects help generate a new approach to how we create homes, and how do we keep people at the centre of the process?

Join a discussion on the future of homes and the power of architecture to serve societies featuring panelists Dominic Stevens, Sam Bishop and hosted by HOME\SICK curator Ali Grehan.

Dominic Stevens is an Irish architect who created Irish Vernacular to spark a change in house-design and build and share open source designs for a home with a total construction cost of €25,000.

Sam Bishop studied architecture, but now coordinates Happenings, a Dublin events company specialising in open-air cinema, music & community events in public space. He is a founding member of Upstart, the arts collective that built Granby Park which was a temporary park in Dublin City Centre in 2013. He is co-founder and coordinator of Street Feast, the national day of street parties. 

Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect since January 2008, leads the team responsible for promoting design and providing architectural, urban and conservation design services to Dublin City Council. Her career has spanned private practice in Dublin, London and Bilbao, as well as the Public Service, with a particular focus on urban regeneration, housing, infrastructure and transport projects. She devised and coordinated Dublin's bid for World Design Capital 2014, now continuing as the Dublin City Council design promotion platform, PIVOT Dublin. She currently serves on the boards of the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland (RIAI), the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) and is an invited member of the Taipei World Design Capital 2016 International Advisory Committee. She is a guest curator of the Science Gallery’s exhibition HOME/SICK.


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