Lifelogging, Lifehacking and City-Logging

We are delighted to host the next Lifelogging Meetup at Science Gallery Dublin, with a total of five speakers lined up for the event. 

Lifelogging @ Dublin have two speakers in the line up and will also introdue new types of shorter talks. The Show & Tell talk allows a speaker to briefly (10 minutes or so) describe what they log or how they use lifelogging. The Boaster talk is a brief (2-5 minute) introduction to a topic that may be new to us as a community. We expect that boaster talks will be followed up by longer talks in the following meetups.

The plan of talks is as follows:

Daragh O'Brien to talk about Privacy and Data Governance for lifelog data. You will remember Daragh if you were at the panel discussion on the last meetup.

Sung Yeuh Perng will introduce us to the Programmable City project at NUIM and his work on logging the life of a city through sensors and data.

Show & Tell Talks:  

Aaron Duane to talk about his interface work for lifelogs. Aaron designed the EyeAware Interface that some of you will have seen during the panel discussion at the last meetup.

Boaster Talks:

Justin Lawlor will motivate  us to be more productive via lifelogging and lifehacking.

Zaher Hinbarji will introduce us to his Loggerman application that logs our computer interactions.

Please register for the event here.

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  • Where: Science Gallery
  • Price: Free - Registration Required

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